IntelMQ Ecosystem

IntelMQ is more than a the core library itself and many programs are developed around in the IntelMQ initiative. This document provides an overview of the ecosystem and all related tools. If you think something is missing, please let us know!

IntelMQ “Core”

This is IntelMQ itself, as it is available on github.

It includes all the bots, the harmonization, etc.

IntelMQ Manager

The Manager is the most known software and can be seen as the face of IntelMQ. This software provides a graphical user interface to the management tool intelmqctl.

Repository: IntelMQ Manager


A web-based interface to inject CSV data into IntelMQ with on-line validation and live feedback.

Repository: intelmq-webinput-csv


A solution allowing an IntelMQ setup with a complex contact database, managed by a web interface and sending out aggregated email reports. (In different words: To send grouped notifications to network owners using SMTP.)

Repository: intelmq-cb-mailgen

IntelMQ Fody + Backend

Fody is a web based interface for intelmq-mailgen’s contact database and the EventDB. It can also be used to just query the EventDB.

The certbund-contact expert fetches the information from this contact database and provides scripts to import RIPE data into the contact database.

Repository: intelmq-fody

Repository: intelmq-fody-backend

Repository: intelmq-certbund-contact


The email sending part:

Repository: intelmq-mailgen

“Constituency Portal” do-portal (not developed any further)

Note: A new version is being developed from scratch, see do-portal#133 for more information.

A contact portal with organizational hierarchies, role functionality and network objects based on RIPE, allows self-administration by the contacts. Can be queried from IntelMQ and integrates the stats-portal.

Repository: do-portal


A Grafana-based statistics portal for the EventDB. Integrated in do-portal.

Repository: stats-portal

Malware Name Mapping

A mapping for malware names of different feeds with different names to a common family name.

Repository: malware_name_mapping


A repository with tools for IntelMQ docker instance.

Repository: intelmq-docker