intelmq.bots.collectors.rt package


intelmq.bots.collectors.rt.collector_rt module


alias of intelmq.bots.collectors.rt.collector_rt.RTCollectorBot

class intelmq.bots.collectors.rt.collector_rt.RTCollectorBot(bot_id: str, start: bool = False, sighup_event=None, disable_multithreading: Optional[bool] = None)

Bases:, intelmq.lib.mixins.http.HttpMixin

Fetches attachments and URLs from an Request Tracker ticketing server

PARAMETER_MAPPING = {'search_owner': 'Owner', 'search_queue': 'Queue', 'search_requestor': 'Requestor', 'search_status': 'Status', 'search_subject_like': 'Subject__like'}
attachment_regex: str = '\\.csv\\.zip$'
extract_attachment: bool = True
extract_download: bool = True
http_password: str = None
http_username: str = None
password: str = 'password'
rate_limit: int = 3600
search_not_older_than: str = None
search_owner: str = 'nobody'
search_queue: str = 'Incident Reports'
search_requestor: Optional[str] = None
search_status: str = 'new'
search_subject_like: str = 'Report'
set_status: str = 'open'
ssl_client_certificate: str = None
take_ticket: bool = True
uri: str = 'http://localhost/rt/REST/1.0'
url_regex: str = '[a-zA-Z0-9?_-]*'
user: str = 'intelmq'

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