intelmq.bots.experts.modify package

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Modify Expert bot let’s you manipulate all fields with a config file.

alias of


Bases: object

Wrapper for a regexp match object with a dict-like interface. With this, we can access the match groups from within a format replacement field.

class str, start: bool = False, sighup_event=None, disable_multithreading: Optional[bool] = None)


Perform arbitrary changes to event’s fields based on regular-expression-based rules on different values. See the bot’s documentation for some examples

apply_action(event, action, matches)
case_sensitive: bool = True
configuration_path: str = '/opt/intelmq/var/lib/bots/modify/modify.conf'
matches(identifier, event, condition)
maximum_matches = None
overwrite: bool = True

Checks if the given value is a re compiled pattern

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