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class str, start: bool = False, sighup_event=None, disable_multithreading: Optional[bool] = None)

Bases:, intelmq.lib.mixins.cache.CacheMixin

Fetch abuse contact and/or geolocation information for the source and/or destination IP addresses and/or ASNs of the events

GEOLOCATION_REPLY_TO_INTERNAL = {('cc', 'country'), ('city', 'city'), ('latitude', 'latitude'), ('longitude', 'longitude')}
QUERY = {'db_asn': '{}.json', 'db_ip': '{}.json', 'stat': '{}', 'stat_geolocation': '{}'}
REPLY_TO_DATA = {'db_asn': <function RIPEExpertBot.<lambda>>, 'db_ip': <function RIPEExpertBot.<lambda>>, 'stat': <function RIPEExpertBot.<lambda>>, 'stat_geolocation': <function RIPEExpertBot.<lambda>>}
mode: str = 'append'
query_ripe_db_asn: bool = True
query_ripe_db_ip: bool = True
query_ripe_stat_asn: bool = True
query_ripe_stat_geolocation: bool = True
query_ripe_stat_ip: bool = True
redis_cache_db: int = 10
redis_cache_host: str = ''
redis_cache_password: str = None
redis_cache_port: int = 6379
redis_cache_ttl: int = 86400

Clean RIPE reply specifics for geolocation query

Clean RIPE reply specifics for splittable string replies

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