intelmq.bots.outputs.rt namespace


intelmq.bots.outputs.rt.output module

Request Tracker output bot

Creates a ticket in the specified queue Parameters: rt_uri, rt_user, rt_password, verify_cert - RT API endpoint queue - ticket destination queue cf_mapping - mapping attributes-ticket CFs final_status - what is final status for the created ticket create_investigation - should we create Investigation ticket (in case of RTIR workflow) fieldnames - attributes to include into investigation ticket description_attr - which event attribute contains text message being sent to the recipient


alias of intelmq.bots.outputs.rt.output.RTOutputBot

class intelmq.bots.outputs.rt.output.RTOutputBot(bot_id: str, start: bool = False, sighup_event=None, disable_multithreading: Optional[bool] = None)


Request Tracker ticket creation bot. Create linked Investigation queue ticket if needed, according to the RTIR flow

cf_mapping = {'classification.taxonomy': 'Classification', 'classification.type': 'Incident Type', 'event_description.text': 'Description', 'extra.incident.importance': 'Importance', 'extra.incident.severity': 'Incident Severity', '': 'Customer', 'source.ip': 'IP'}
create_investigation: bool = False
description_attr: str = 'event_description.text'
final_status: str = 'resolved'
investigation_fields: str = 'time.source,time.observation,source.ip,source.port,source.fqdn,source.url,classification.taxonomy,classification.type,classification.identifier,event_description.url,event_description.text,,protocol.application,protocol.transport'
queue: str = 'Incidents'
rt_password: str = None
rt_uri: str = 'http://localhost/REST/1.0'
rt_user: str = 'apiuser'
verify_cert: bool = True