intelmq.bots.parsers.eset package


intelmq.bots.parsers.eset.parser module


alias of intelmq.bots.parsers.eset.parser.ESETParserBot

class intelmq.bots.parsers.eset.parser.ESETParserBot(bot_id: str, start: bool = False, sighup_event=None, disable_multithreading: Optional[bool] = None)


Parse data collected from ESET’s TAXII API

common_parse(event, line)
static domains_parse(event, line)
parse(report: intelmq.lib.message.Report)

A basic JSON parser. Assumes a list of objects as input to be yield.

parse_line(line, report)

A generator which can yield one or more messages contained in line.

Report has the full message, thus you can access some metadata. Override for your use.

recover_line(line: dict) str

Reverse of parse for JSON pulses.

Recovers a fully functional report with only the problematic pulse.

static urls_parse(event, line)

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