Upgrade instructions

For installation instructions, see Installation.

Read NEWS.md

Read the NEWS.md file to look for things you need to have a look at.

Stop IntelMQ and create a Backup

  • Make sure that your IntelMQ system is completely stopped: intelmqctl stop

  • Create a backup of IntelMQ Home directory, which includes all configurations. They are not overwritten, but backups are always nice to have!

sudo cp -R /opt/intelmq /opt/intelmq-backup

Upgrade IntelMQ

Before upgrading, check that your setup is clean and there are no events in the queues:

intelmqctl check
intelmqctl list queues -q

The upgrade depends on how you installed IntelMQ.


Use your systems package management.

Docker (beta)

You can check out all current versions on our DockerHub.

docker pull certat/intelmq-full:latest

docker pull certat/intelmq-nginx:latest

Alternatively you can use docker-compose:

docker-compose pull

You can check the current versions from intelmq & intelmq-manager & intelmq-api via git commit ref.

The Version format for each included item is key=value and they are saparated via ,. I. e. IntelMQ=ab12cd34f, IntelMQ-API=xy65z23.

docker inspect --format '{{ index .Config.Labels "org.opencontainers.image.version" }}' intelmq-full:latest

Now restart your container, if you’re using docker-compose you simply write:

docker-compose down

If you dont use docker-compose, you can restart a single container using:

docker ps | grep certat

docker stop CONTAINER_ID


pip install -U --no-deps intelmq
sudo intelmqsetup

Using –no-deps will not upgrade dependencies, which would probably overwrite the system’s libraries. Remove this option to also upgrade dependencies.

Local repository

If you have an editable installation, refer to the instructions in the Developers Guide.

Update the repository depending on your setup (e.g. git pull origin master).

And run the installation again:

pip install .
sudo intelmqsetup

For editable installations (development only), run pip install -e . instead.

Upgrade configuration and check the installation

Go through NEWS.md and apply necessary adaptions to your setup. If you have adapted IntelMQ’s code, also read the CHANGELOG.md.

Check your installation and configuration to detect any problems:

intelmqctl upgrade-config
intelmqctl check

intelmqctl upgrade-config supports upgrades from one IntelMQ version to the succeeding. If you skip one or more IntelMQ versions, some automatic upgrades may not work and manual intervention may be necessary.

Start IntelMQ

intelmqctl start